LoFric Sense 4161250 6" 12FR Hydrophilic Catheter Box/30

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Over 30 years later, more people than ever take comfort in LoFric

2013 marked the 30th anniversary of LoFric catheters. Over the years, LoFric has become the name synonymous with comfort, safety and trust for self-catheterizers and healthcare professionals alike. And no wonder. Since day one, we’ve listened to the people who use our products and the professionals who recommend them to continually develop products and services that make life easier on everyone. And along the way, raise the standard of care for generations of catheter users and their caregivers.

LoFric was the world’s first hydrophilic catheter – using water as a lubricant – when it was launched in 1983 by Wellspect HealthCare. It was a big step. With the launch of LoFric catheters with Urotonic Surface Technology, we made catheterization easier, more comfortable and less harmful than it had ever been. And, over the years, we have innovated new, more discreet and easier catheters to make life simpler for users.

LoFric Sense

LoFric Sense is an attractive choice for women. Extra small and discreet – yet still long enough for complete bladder emptying – LoFric Sense includes everything needed for safe and comfortable catheterisation anywhere. LoFric Sense is tailor-made for women.

  • User-friendly handle for good grip and non-touch technique. Connects to a standard collection bag or extension line. 
  • Urotonic Surface Technology for low friction and maximal comfort. 
  • Smooth catheter eyes. 
  • Instant activation – sterile salt water solution included, one gentle squeeze and it’s ready to use. 
  • 10 cm tube length ensures both catheter eyes are in the bladder for complete bladder emptying. 
  • Discreet design. 
  • The outer packaging doubles as a hygienic and discreet disposal pouch after use. 
  • Free from PVC, phthalates and is not made with natural rubber latex. 
  • User-friendly dispenser box.

LoFric Sense is a tailor-made female catheter that makes life easier for experienced users and beginners alike. Being especially designed for women, LoFric Sense is an attractive choice that suits all the needs of a woman.


  • Low friction and maximal comfort
  • Instant activation
  • Extra small but long enough to ensure complete emptying of the bladder
  • Discreet

Intended use

The LoFric Sense single-use urinary catheter is intended for clean intermittent urinary catheterization.

Sterilization & shelf life

All catheters are sterilized by irradiation. Information about the recommended best-before date is printed on the package.


Individual “peel-open” packaging. 30 catheters per carton. 

Material composition

Hydrophilic surface coating: Polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP).
Catheter: polyolefin-based elastomer (POBE).
Wetting pouch: Laminate foil of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), aluminum and polyethylene (PE). Sterile water with sodium chloride (NaCl).
Item package: Laminate foil of polyester with aluminum oxide (PET/Alox), linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), aluminum foil.

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