Camp & School Customers

We offer camps & schools special pricing.  To receive special pricing with your online order your account must be set up as a camp & school account.  This can be done in 1 of 2 ways;
1.    You can set up your own regular Starkmans online account by clicking here.  Then you must notify us (call or email) so that we can change this regular account into a camp & school account.  
2.    Contact us to create your camp & school account.

The advantages of logging in with a camp & school account are;
1.    You will receive special prices for each item ordered (you will see that the higher retail price will be crossed out)
2.    You can click ‘established account’ at checkout so you don’t have to pay for your order at checkout rather you will be invoiced.
3.    Camps & Schools receive special shipping charges.

You can also order from our catalogue which has the same prices as the prices you will receive if you log in as a camp or school.  

Please click on the picture below to view our 2018 Camp & School Catalogue